Samantha Upshaw

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Illinois State in Communications, Samantha began her job search in May 2021. Client Manager, Jeimi Alanis, reached out to Samantha and discussed her job search, found out what her goals were, and presented her with a customer service opportunity aligned to her interest in gaining corporate experience. 

“Once I decided to go with the opportunity, Jeimi walked me through the interview process. After receiving an offer, she communicated when my first day would be, where I would be going, the time I needed to be there, and everything I needed to be successful on my first day. Jeimi walked me through the whole process and was very helpful!!” 

In her new role Samantha remained committed to her professional development. After six months of hard work and dedication she received and accepted a permanent position! 

“My experience with Bridge Personnel was very good, I got my first adult job out of college, and went from being a temp employee to now a full-time employee.” 

Congratulations on your new position, Samantha! We are so excited we were able to be a part of your journey!