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Too often we hear of hiring leaders reeling from recruiting burnout. Whether it’s from swimming in a sea of resumes or hosting a revolving door of new hires, at the center of all hiring headaches are two faltering facets:


Over 30 years ago, Bridge set out to eliminate recruitment frustrations by building comprehensive, consultative, and flexible staffing solutions that all businesses will find valuable –regardless of hiring need or HR department size.

Whether you’re fed up with low talent quality, unresponsive staffing partners, slow talent pipelines, or low employee retention rates, there is a Bridge staffing solution designed to eliminate that pain point from your hiring process and increase your recruiting ROI.


Let our team of experts help you build a frustration-free staffing solution.

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At Bridge, we recognize that every employer will have a different need. We are happy to offer customizable solutions for whatever your hiring need may be. 

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Our Expertise

Bridge provides staffing and recruiting solutions across a range of roles and industries, but we have unique strengths in the following areas:

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Did you know 82% of Bridge candidates receive job offers? Get started today.


At Bridge, we do not wait for great talent to find us; we go out and find it!  Our recruiters’ staffing techniques are backed by over 30 years of successful hires and satisfied clients. Furthermore, our focus on client partnership and continuous improvement means we constantly vet new channels for finding talent alongside the professionals we find.

Working with Bridge Speaks for Itself

Hear from our clients about what it is like working with us. Ready to take the next step? Recruiting experts are standing by waiting to help and answer any questions you may. Get started today.

Working with Bridge has been a breath of fresh air.  What sets them apart in the sea of staffing agencies is a true focus on partnership. Bridge took the time to thoroughly understand my company’s culture, the direction it was headed, and the details of our open roles.

Every candidate Bridge sent to me was completely clued into job specifics, and our hiring process, and spoke highly of their experience with Bridge.  Their recruitment strategy is centered on strategic sourcing, not blowing up my inbox or trying to push candidates who didn’t fit the bill. It’s an easy relationship built on trust, warmth, and successful hires. 

Truly, with Bridge, you can count on them being an extension of your unique recruiting function, not merely an outside vendor.”

Shannon M.
Talent Acquisition Specialist

“I have had the pleasure of working with Whitney and the team at Bridge Personnel. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and the quality of candidates they send to us. It is very clear that Bridge does its work to get to know who we are and what we look for in candidates.

Other companies we have worked with will often just send people through and hope for the best. This can often waste our time and money. With Bridge, we know the candidate they send will be a worthwhile investment of our time and a likely choice for the opening we have.

Whitney and Bridge are not just a source of candidates to us, we truly view her and the team as strategic partners to help us meet our company goals.”

Matt V.
HR Manager

“Bridge was a dream to work with.  I don’t have anything negative to say about the process or experience. My Talent Acquisition Manager kept me up to speed with her progress on open positions by sending me a report every Friday.

Her performance and stats equaled the work of my two previous permanent full-time recruiters. She is a problem solver with strong communication and organizational skills.

You can tell Bridge enjoys recruiting. When you enjoy doing something that much it shows because of how good you are at it.

I don’t think there is a single position Bridge wouldn’t be successful at filling.”

John D.
Human Resources, Vice President

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