Michael Gonzalez
First-Time Job Seeker

As a recent college grad, Michael was not going to leave any stone unturned searching for his first corporate job. “I had heard about LinkedIn but was not 100% sold on it being worth the time and effort (this was all very new to me), but I made my profile and started connecting.”

During his job search, Michael connected with Talent Acquisition Manager, Megan Johnson, and she proved to be a great resource for him. “ helped me find my current . She supplied information, helped prep me, and eventually got me that first interview and, well, the rest is history!”

 “I especially loved how she followed up with me after I got the job and checked in on me. She really opened my eyes to the value of connecting and maximizing your network.”

With Megan’s guidance, Michael was able to find his first job out of college within less than a month after connecting with Bridge. On top of that, he learned networking skills he will undoubtedly take with him throughout his career.