McNemon Vincent
Company Downsizing (COVID-19)

2020 and COVID-19 took McNemon’s professional plans on a detour. Like millions of other Americans, McNemon suddenly found himself without a job at the beginning of the year. It was March 2020, and this meant he was beginning his job search right before thousands of employers would be beginning mass layoffs and furloughs, but McNemon was not deterred.

Through a colleague, in April, McNemon was referred to Bridge and was immediately connected with Bridge Senior Client Manager, Mary. His past experiences working with other staffing agencies made McNemon a bit apprehensive, but his concerns were immediately allayed.

I had worked with several agencies in the past, with abysmal results. Working with Mary, in particular, has been the most delightful and productive experience I have had….Diligent and proactive don’t even begin to describe the type of attention and detail she gave to me .”

Over the spring and summer, Mary worked with McNemon to find a job that matched his skill set, career goals, and also gave him the ability to grow professionally. “ Bridge was a fluent and effective . I appreciate the care and time taken to match me in a position I will thrive in.”

In August, Mary’s diligent work to find a company that McNemon could grow with led him to receive a job offer for a Clerical Support Specialist position at a well-established mortgage firm. “Even though I am not in the same line of work , I am in a field I enjoy very much. I enjoy the environment and I know I will thrive and be effective . It was fate.”

When given the opportunity to refer Bridge, McNemon does not mince words, “If a stranger asked me which staffing agency to use to help them achieve their career goals, I would respond, ‘I can’t believe you’ve wasted so much time already, buddy. Call Bridge!’”

Congratulations on your new role, McNemon! We can’t wait to see what professional heights your new role helps you achieve!