Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Whatever level of support your team needs,
Bridge RPO Solutions will deliver.

Is your HR team spread thin?

Not only will our RPO solutions help you shorten your company’s time-to-hire, they will help your HR team reclaim the time needed to focus on high-value projects.

How Will Using an RPO Staffing Company Benefit My Business?

Regardless of business size, economic climate or industry, your team’s talent quality is the foundation for success.

Having a strategic talent solution that consistently provides your team with top-quality talent is one of the best ways to give your business a competitive advantage. Bridge RPO Solutions do just this while delivering measurable positive improvements to your company’s recruitment process and bottom line:

Working with Recruiting Experts

When you partner with Bridge for your RPO staffing needs, you are partnering with over 30 years of industry expertise and a decades-long track record of finding the right talent for the right positions.

We know our stuff, and we make it a point to know what it takes for talent to be successful at your business.



  • TAs with expertise recruiting for specialized positions
  • Deeper engagement with the talent pool
  • Increased candidate quality
  • Increased brand reach and engagement
  • Recruitment strategy performance feedback
Building a Better Candidate Pool

Filling your current openings is only a fraction of what Bridge RPO solutions are about.

Part of a successful recruitment strategy is proactive sourcing, forecasting, and improving your overall candidate quality.



  • Talent database ownership
  • Workforce planning and forecasting
  • Diversified sourcing strategies
  • Increased new hire employee retention rates
The Staffing Solution you need when you need it

Bridge RPO Solutions are customized and scalable to match your business needs.

Our solutions are designed to change as your corporate needs change.



  • Fully-customizable solutions
  • Strategies and programs that adapt to your company values and business model
  • A designated TA Specialist who acts as a brand ambassador for your team
  • RPO Solutions for Direct and Contingent Hiring models
Cut Down on Costs by Cutting out Inefficiencies

Viewing recruitment through a macro-lens allows our team of experts to identify hiring process improvements, create synergies that reduce overhead costs, and remove the roadblocks that prevent talent from flowing through your candidate pipeline efficiently.



  • Top-down recruitment strategy management
  • Consultative recruiting approach and cohesive partnership
  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Faster time to hire

Bridge Gets Us.

They send quality candidates and don’t waste my time.

An RPO Solution for Every Need

Our customizable RPO solutions work effectively for direct, temp-to-hire, and contingent hiring models.

The Staffing Solution You Need, When You Need it

Whether you prefer to take a blended approach to RPO, or your business objectives necessitate an end-to-end solution, Bridge RPO models and our team of Talent Acquisition Experts are proven to deliver better candidates, faster.

On-Demand RPO

Bridge On-Demand RPO is the recruiting solution you need when you need it. This flexible RPO model is the preferred solution for businesses with variable hiring demands or short-term hiring needs like a seasonal ramp or project-based hiring.

Hybrid RPO

Bridge’s Hybrid RPO is the best of both worlds. This blended RPO model allows you to access the benefits of both in-house and outsourced recruitment models. 

End-to-End RPO

Bridge End-to-End RPO Solutions are capable of managing the recruitment process from workforce planning and requisition through job offer extension and onboarding.

Contingent RPO

Our customizable and extensive Contingent RPO Solutionsare built to bolster your company’s large-scale contingent hiring needs and build out a robust pipeline that quickly and consistently delivers on your team’s contingent talent expectations in both candidate volume and quality.

Let us help you find the right talent