Direct Hire Staffing

The quality of your workforce has far-reaching ramifications for all areas of your business including process efficiencies, workplace culture, overhead costs, satisfied customers, product quality, and more.

Even if you are unaware of their existence, you can be certain your competition is benefiting from the gaps in your hiring process. Fortunately, Bridge’s Direct Hire solutions identify these oversights and quickly implement a custom-built solution that works in synergy with your current hiring strategy to easily and quickly deliver the best candidates right to your front door.

Let Bridge enhance your team and business operations through our direct hire staffing solutions.


A Better Use of Your Time

More and more, candidates are employing a “spray and pray” technique to their job application strategy. This means your business is wasting more and more time inundated with resumes of candidates who are not qualified for your position.

Your time and your business’ time are valuable, and you shouldn’t be spending it sifting through candidates who shouldn’t have applied to your position in the first place. Bridge’s rigorous sourcing and vetting processes are proven to deliver a shortlist of qualified candidates, so you and your team can spend your time in areas that maximize your ROI.


Bridge candidates interviewed by clients who receive offers

Keeping the Candidate Pipeline Warm

If your hiring process is not dynamic, you will lose your top candidate to another opportunity –possibly a competitor.

Your top candidate may have moved forward with another opportunity before you’ve even had a chance to offer them a position. Bridge’s dedicated Client Managers serve as another point of contact for your hiring process and keep the candidate pipeline warm—ensuring your top pick stays active and engaged with your job opportunity throughout your decision-making timeline.

A Better Method for Hiring

Things move quickly in today’s talent market. You could be missing out on the candidates you deserve and not even realize it. Competition is fierce, and the talent market grows more competitive each day. A partnership with Bridge means hiring and staffing insights tailored to your organization with efficiency in mind. This way, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re engaging with the market’s best talent and optimizing your hiring methods to bring this talent onto your team as quickly as possible.

Opening Closed Doors

The right hire might be right under your nose, and you don’t even know it. Talent that is not actively and aggressively searching for new full-time employment opportunities are often missed by less comprehensive searching methods.

We understand the best talent is found at all depths of the talent pool, and our tactical sourcing strategies have been structured to present your corporate brand and employment opportunities in a way that appeals to and engages candidates on their level–meaning you will reach candidates that otherwise would have been missed.

Accountability Is Our Business

We pride ourselves on our ability to make successful long-term connections between our candidates and our business partners. We stringently vet our candidates based on experience as well as a wide breadth of soft skills to ensure their career goals align with your organization’s business objectives. In short, if we don’t believe a candidate will add value to your business’ team, you will never see them on our shortlist.

Bridge Gets Us.

They send quality candidates and don’t waste my time.

Industries Served

Our Talent Acquisition team specializes in placing talent for roles in: