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Looking for a Talent Acquisition Halloween Costume?

Oct 3, 2023

If you’re in Talent Acquisition and want to blow away the office this year with a clever and job-related costume, we have several ideas to choose from! Look at our list below and let us know your favorite in the comments.

1. Unicorn

The best kind of candidate! If you’re always searching for that unicorn candidate, how about being one yourself this year?

Amazon Unicorn Costume
Unicorn Candidate

2. Ghost

We all know those candidates who suddenly just…vanish. Dressing up as the ghosting candidate could just make you not make it to the office! You’re playing the part too right?

Amazon Ghost Costume
Ghosting Candidate

3. Scream

There are many moments that are worth screaming for during the workday. Let it all out this year by dressing up as Scream himself. Attach a headset or laptop and you have yourself a phone screen or sourcing scream!

Amazon Scream Mask
Screening Scream

4. Captain

A few captains in the office always handle employee onboarding and training! What better way to show off your skills than dressing up as the captain of the ship yourself? Without you, we couldn’t have successful employees.

Amazon Group Captain Costumes
Onboarding and Training Captains

5. Frog

Those candidates who can’t seem to quite stay in the same place for too long! You called it, job hoppers! A wonderful group costume for your office team.

Amazon Frog Costume
Job Hoppers


Who can survive the workday without a cup? If you want to get more clever, grab a co-worker named Joe, and the pair can be a “cup of Joe”.

Amazon Coffee Costume
Coffee Cup


The punny costumes for this year’s Halloween could go on! We hope you find this list a great one for your office (or virtual) party this year. Have other ideas? Let us know by commenting below! And when October 31st comes around, tag us in your photos.