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Trick or Treat? The Biggest Employer Tricks to Watch Out for as a Job Seeker

Sep 25, 2023

Searching for a new career is both exciting and challenging. Employers use some tricks to help them decide who will be the best candidate to fill their job opening.  Here are some employer tricks to look out for as a job seeker.

1. Employers use social media to discover who you are outside of work

Employers are looking to hire employees who will be a positive reflection of their company and values. They will search your social media profiles to find reasons not to hire you.  If you have posts that prove you do not have good judgment-making skills, they will use this against you during the hiring process. Before you start to look for a new role it would benefit you to delete any content that can be viewed as violent, reckless, unlawful, or profane.

 2. Your personality goes a long way

Having a strong resume can help you get the interview, but your personality will land you the job. Employers can teach you how to do a task but cannot change your personality to ensure you are a cultural fit for the organization. One bad apple can sour the bunch. You need to prove to be someone to the organization that will enhance their team and not hinder it. It is very important for you to build a genuine and strong rapport with your interviewers. You want them to like you and leave the interview reflecting on the strong chemistry you had with them.

3. They use Applicant Tracking Systems

A lot of organizations use Applicant Tracking Systems to prescreen resumes.  If you want to ensure your resume makes it in front of an actual human being, you need to beat the ATS. These systems work by searching for keywords the employer feels are important for the role. To pass the ATS, you must have these keywords in your resume. Tailor your resume to each role you are applying for. You need to use words from the job posting to describe your experience and skills. This will allow you to get past the system.

 4. Situational questions do have right and wrong answers

Employers ask situational questions to understand your thought process and problem-solving abilities. You need to have well-rounded answers that have a strong beginning, middle, and end.  They also need to be concise. The interviewer needs to be able to follow your answer and understand what you are saying. If you talk in circles, you will leave them feeling confused and disinterested.

 5. They want you to negotiate

Your offer will not be at the top of the range they can afford for this role. They need to leave some wiggle room for negotiation. Know your worth and what the market pays for similar roles. You will not get what you don’t ask for so be sure to try to negotiate.

As a job seeker, it is important to keep these 5 employer tricks in mind when searching for your next role.  If you can overcome these situations, you will be on your way to landing the job of your dreams.