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Why Candidates Search for Employers with Similar Social Beliefs  

Mar 6, 2023

With candidates having so many options of where they want to work, one of the hottest topics in an interview is culture. Employees want to feel like they will not only have a great time at work but also align with their current beliefs and views while being supported.

Culture can mean so many different things to candidates and employers alike so let’s explore why culture is so important and why it needs to be a focus for everyone in the workplace.

Let’s Take a Look

Why Do Candidates Search for Employers with Similar Social Beliefs? 

  • They want to feel like they have someone that understands them and relates to them.
  • They want to know down the road that their values will be respected.
  • At the end of the day, when spending 40 hours a week with someone, people want to know that your time is valued and that you get to spend it with people that have things in common.

Why Do Employers Search for Candidates with Similar Social Beliefs?

  • They believe they will fit into the organization and have less of a “risk factor”.
  • When people share a common value, inspiration, or purpose they encourage each other and perform strongly.

Culture Fits Can Also Fail and Here is How

  • Too much of the same will lead the organization to lack diversity and different points of view.
  • You can have an unconscious bias about whom you hire and work with if you don’t have diversity in your own organization.
  • If an organization fails to perform the culture it promoted and once advertised.

Culture Tip: Making a move from culture FIT to culture ADD…

As a candidate, while you may want to find someone who aligns with all your values, you may want to start to look at adding to an environment and finding an employer who wants you to add those same views and values to an organization

Here are some questions that will help assess culture fits in an interview:

Candidates interviewing with a company, here are some questions to assess their current culture:  

  • Why did you decide to join the organization?
  • How would you describe the culture you have on your team?
  • Would you say that the culture is what was described to you when you got hired?
  • What do you look for in future employees from a personality trait perspective
  • How does the company support its internal employees regarding growth, retention, giving back, etc.?
  • Why did the last person not work out in this role?
  • How do you support your team members to achieve their goals and/or metrics?

For employers interviewing candidates, here are some questions to assess if they would be a good culture add to your organization:  

  • How would you describe the ideal culture that you would thrive in?
  • What values are important to you?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • Based on what you have seen, how would you describe how you view our culture from the outside?
  • What are some best practices you would bring from another company or leader you worked with?
  • Tell me about a time when you worked for an organization, and it was not a good fit. Why was it not a good fit?


It’s important for both candidates and employers alike to mutually share the same vision and values. With aligned visions, or hope to create a particular vision, companies can retain great staff while adding to their team, and workers can be inspired and want to remain loyal to their employers. Culture “fits” or “adds” don’t necessarily need to be identical in nature, but should have similar lines of passion to fundamentally build a great work culture and environment.