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Considering a Career in Marketing? Read this First

Jan 25, 2023

Thinking of starting or continuing a career in marketing? We don’t blame you. The marketing and creative industry is booming and will only continue in the future. If you’re wondering what skills you need to ramp up or gain for a marketingrelated job, or if you’re curious about the trends you’ll see in this industry, keep reading. 

Highly sought-after skills:

There is a wide range of skills that a job seeker could have that would apply to a career in marketing, but there are a few stand-out skills that will be attention grabbers. Why? Because these skills apply to digital marketing, and although traditional marketing isn’t gone, the age of digital media is the future. What are these skills? 

  • SEO – What is it? Think Google, Organic Website Traffic, Blog Writing, Keywords. 
  • Social Media Marketing – What is it? Content Creation, Copywriting, Content Strategy, Organic Growth, Influencers. 
  • Email Marketing – What is it? Commerical messaging, Contact Database, Advertising, Sales. 
  • Graphic Design – What is it? Digital and Print Marketing Materials, Social Media Content, Sales Materials, Advertising Images. 

If you take note of what all these skills have in common, it is that they’re all digitally related and work together with each other (most times). Being able to have a portfolio and knowledge full of these valuable skills will certainly help land you a job and only benefit you for a lifetime in this industry. If you’re already familiar with the industry and looking for a career change or gaining more knowledge, you can learn more about these skills through courses offered on LinkedIn Premium, YouTube, Coursera, and Adobe. 

A growing industry:

According to Technavio, the growth in the marketing industry from 2022-2026 is over $487 billion. What can we relate to that growth? The biggest contributors to this are social media and mobile phones, not to mention the pandemic 2 years ago that made marketers quicker on their feet and taught every business the value of this fast-paced and quick turnaround industry full of innovative and creative thinkers. Although any form of digital marketing is growing, two concentrated areas that have seen a large amount of growth are content and influencer marketing. Both areas should see massive growth as well by 2026. 

Now what?

So, you now are completely sold that this industry is for you and you’re wondering what you should do next? We suggest first finding what interests you the most in this industry and developing your set of niche skills. From there, learn, and keep learning. This industry changes every day, especially in the world of social media. If you’re in college, we suggest taking on internships and gaining experience, and if you’re looking to start fresh in this career and are not sure where to start, take courses or talk with a local business owner who may need help! Regardless of what area becomes your interest, the marketing industry will not disappoint you with its flexible job roles, growth of the industry, and wide range of choices it has to offer any job seeker!