Bridge Insights

The Scariest Parts of the Current Employment Market

Oct 12, 2022

This Spooky Season we asked our team what the scariest thing about the current employment market is. I’m sure we all could think of several, but some of them take the cake for the scariest of all time. Read on below to find out what our team finds super spooky!  


Megan thinks the scariest part of the employment market is: GHOSTING!

“I think all ghosting types are scary. The ghosting from candidates, recruiters, and clients alike. Regardless of the situation, ghosting is never okay, and all parties should get a reply!” 


Whitney thinks the scariest part of the current employment market is: the vast differences in pay. 

“What is scary to me about the current employment market is the vast differences in pay companies are paying their employees.  Since COVID the market has shifted to an employee market and a large movement for an increase in pay has taken place since. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the companies who can afford the pay requirements have made the changes in order to attract talent, however, the companies who cannot afford to or who have just decided not to make a change in their pay are suffering. Some would argue that’s too bad for those companies. However, look at what happened with the mortgage industry.  Companies were paying an arm and a leg for underwriters and as soon as the market slowed down, the highest-paid was the first to be laid off. So even though it is a great thing companies have increased their pay, this could end badly for employees who are demanding higher than what the market is currently paying.” 


Janice thinks the scariest part of the current employment market is: the historically low unemployment rates. 

“The labor market today is back at historically low unemployment rates; like what we experienced pre-pandemic. Since the beginning of 2020, many people have left the labor force, and finding qualified talent to fill open positions is a constant struggle at every company.” 


Hayley thinks the scariest part of the current employment market is: the competitive market.

“Because the market is so competitive, good candidates are constantly being approached about new job opportunities. As an employer, you need to be mindful that if your employees aren’t satisfied with their work, benefits, pay, or team, the chances of them finding a new job are high! Millennials and Gen Z are also generations unafraid of taking risks and leaps. Unlike the baby boomers, longevity and loyalty to one company aren’t as present.”