Bridge Insights

Why Marketing Matters

Jul 28, 2022

Marketing, some may question why it is so critical to a business. Marketing is way more than a post here or there on why your brand is great. Marketing is a strategy, it’s a system that educates others, connections are established with it, and it builds awareness.  

Marketers and creatives alike that fall into this category are the super minds behind why businesses grow in substantial ways. They can relate to others and make ideas reality through print and digital space. It’s an ever-changing, pivoting world of thought-provoking content and brand presentation in the best ways possible. 

Businesses that do not have a marketing person(s) in place are steps behind others that have an entire team built around its importance. Now more than ever, marketing matters most. With unpredictable times and an ever-changing world, a business needs a continuous plan. The more efficiently a business plans, the more likely results are produced. 

You experience marketing every single day. Did you recently try a new product for the first time or purchase a product that you saw online that had amazing reviews? A marketer did that. Those signs you see on the highway while driving, or the advertisements you hear on a podcast or radio commercial … a marketer did that. Throughout your entire day, you are being exposed to ideas, images, and concepts that a marketing mind has curated and developed to impact your life or help you decide on your purchases. 

Wild, isn’t it? In the digital marketing space now, you cannot even think of escaping the effects of marketing unless you move to a deserted island with no phone, internet, or service. But let’s be honest, you only found that deserted island through the efforts of marketing.  

Some things to remember about marketing: 

  • It doesn’t happen overnight – it takes a continuous process. Leads that come from marketing could take even years to finally turn into true customers. You must trust the process.  
  • You shouldn’t be using the same messaging every time – good marketing needs consistent messaging. Testing and tracking results are a must-do.  
  • Your leads aren’t all in the same place – which is why various marketing content in different places is so very important.  

With all this in mind, this is your sign to focus your attention on the efforts of marketing and start prioritizing campaigns, strategies, and marketing goals for your business. Marketing questions? Be sure to get in contact with us to speak with our marketing professional.