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Why Mobile-Friendly Content is a Must

Jul 1, 2022

According to a report from earlier this June, Tech Jury reported that on average, Americans spend over 5 hours each day on their phones. As you can imagine, this has significantly impacted the way businesses market and the ways in which a consumer absorbs messages and products. Because of the increasing number of people using mobile phones, there’s significant importance for businesses to make it a priority to have their content mobile-friendly. 

What content should be mobile-friendly? Well, everything. The first and most important would be your business’s website. Whether you’re receiving a referral, or an ad is being delivered to a potential customer, they are going to go to your website first. Making sure that your website’s content is formatted and functioning correctly is a priority.  

In addition to your website, make sure your content and graphics that appear on social media platforms and any paid advertising, are designed to the recommended specs for those sites. This is key because when you’re following the formatting of the platform the content is being posted on, you will see a higher return in traffic and engagement. For example, if you’re posting an Instagram Story, you want to ensure that your graphic is filling the entire size of the screen.  

By ensuring your marketing efforts are all mobile-friendly, you will be reaching a broader market. Take social media for instance. A post can be shared through one person, to another, and then to another, until it reaches a long chain of people who may or may not know one another. The same thing is happening with content daily on the web.  

Does your marketing plan already include mobile-friendly content? Your next step would be to try SMS messaging for marketing. According to Forbes, SMS has an open rate of 98%, and up to 90% of people who open the message will read it in three seconds. This statistic shows the impact of text messaging and how it beats out its competitor, email marketing, by a landslide.  

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