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For Employers: Making Employees Feel Safe Working Later Shifts

Jun 27, 2022

Although we are entering the time of the year when the sun is out longer, half of the year we must remember that the sun goes down before dinner.  There are some employers that require their employees to work 2nd and 3rd shifts.  Safety in the physical workplace is just as important as in the parking lot of your business.  What can you do as the employer to ensure the safety of your employees taking breaks or leaving during those “off-hour” shifts? 

1. Have a buddy sytem

Pair employees up with another employee to walk out of the building each night.  Have them take breaks at the same time and require the entire shift to leave the shift at the same time.   


2. Make sure plenty of lighting is available

Many parking lots are less lit near the back of the lot, encourage your employees to park closer to the building.  When a light goes out, don’t wait – have it replaced immediately.   

According to the Crime Lab New York, a study showed that an increase in lighting in an area can reduce the risk of crime by 36%. 

[blockquotes color=”accent”] Failure to be forthcoming just leads to longer hiring times and headaches for everyone.[/blockquotes]

3. Security cameras are important

Just like lighting, the presence of security systems reduces the likelihood of crime taking place.  According to ADT, surveillance cameras can reduce crime by 50%.  In the short term, yes it will cost money to purchase and install the cameras, but it will make your employees feel more valued and in the long term pay off. 


How many times do you hear “that could never happen where I am from” and then something happens… people let their guard down when they are comfortable (or maybe have some sense of denial.)  As an employer, it is your responsibility to do everything to make your workplace and the people in your workplace safe. Happy and safe employees mean they will be more productive, which means more money in your pocket.