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5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot

May 12, 2022

Headshots are your first impression in this digital era we live in. They show off your personality, support your skills and resume, and remind other professionals who you are! As a freelance photographer, I could give you many reasons why an updated and professional headshot is so important for every person to have, but for time’s sake, I will give you 5 reasons you need a professional headshot if you do not have one already.  


1. You Look the Part 

We all know that saying when you are looking and feeling good, you are going to perform well. The same goes for your headshot! If you are feeling good and provide a professional edge visually to your clients, employers, peers, and audience, it shows you care and are professional. People love visuals. Let us say you are in finance. Dressing and appearing as your future teammates or work culture does, can show you are ready for your part with that company or team.  

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2. It Reminds People Who You Are 

You could already have an established network and meet others often. Headshots remind people when you post or engage online who you are and what you are doing. If you meet a new work connection, your face is what they are going to remember first. Reminding people of what you and of your face is important and instills consistency.

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3. Shows Authenticity and Trust 

Having a headshot unbelievably builds trust and authenticity with potential clients and teammates online. A simple smile can go a long way and builds instant recognition when bringing in new business. It also conveys your personality in more than one way and can let others know a bit about who you are if they have not met you already.  


4. Longevity and Versatility 

Having a headshot can be used on business cards, marketing materials, job applications, online profiles, and more. You never know when you may need a professional headshot of yourself. In this world, often, it is going to come up that you need one. Having a nice photo of yourself on standby is always a great idea. The investment of a great professional portrait stands the length of time. 



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5. Stand Out From Competition 

A good headshot can make your profile stand out from the rest. Why? Because it shows you care, put the effort in, and that you have a good personal presence. A headshot also highly supports your profile and the other information on your profile you share. There are so many people who have no photo at all, or that use grainy, outdated, and social photos for their professional profiles. Having an updated and professional headshot will make your profile “pop” compared to your competition.