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5 Ways to Deal with Work Stress

Mar 23, 2022

Stress in the workplace only continues to get worse as time goes on. Finding a stress-free job may be impossible but finding ways to cope with stress can easily be implemented into a day-to-day routine to prevent serious health conditions. Common workplace stressors could include interpersonal conflict, physical discomfort, multi-tasking, and disorganization. Coping tactics are critical to maintaining and relieving stress in our everyday lives.  

1. Stay Organized

Organization plays a critical role in a person’s daily work routine. Utilizing your calendar, time blocking, and ensuring file organization is a priority can bring a sense of relief and structure to your day. Staying organized, even small ways, can enhance efficiency and a sense of mental relief throughout the day. While we cannot always control the obstacles around us, by bringing structure and organization skills to our job roles, we can gain a sense of control in our daily lives and work rituals.  

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2. Take a Walk at Lunch

Step away from the computer! Taking breaks is necessary throughout the workday. An easy way to take a break is to take a walk. A lot of people are spending most of their daily life living a sedentary lifestyle. With remote positions in high demand, more so than ever, leaving the house for many people has completely vanished. Taking a 20-minute walk can relieve mental fatigue, jumpstart your creative thinking, and drastically impact your physical health. 

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3. Formulate a Nighttime Routine After Work

For many, staying logged on late or checking emails right before bedtime is a normal occurrence. While some people may not be able to escape this completely, ensiling a routine after work is critical to ending your day and relieving stress. For the commute home, listen to music or a podcast. Disconnecting from electronics, taking a bath, developing a skincare or grooming routine, are all simple ways to have “you time” and decompress after a long day working.  

4. Stay Away from Conflict

Conflict and workplace drama can cause havoc on mental health and overall energy levels. While conflict can find anyone easily, having a sense of how to handle it appropriately is key to maintaining a healthy work environment. When possible, try to avoid people who don’t work well with others. Sharing gossip, personal opinions about religion and politics, and steering clear of inappropriate humor, are easy ways to keep yourself away from potential conflicts or energy suckers throughout your workday.  

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5. Be Comfortable

Comfortable office spaces are way more important than most may think! Whether that is the chair and desk you work from, noise levels, or a bright office area, all play an important role in comfortability and maintaining stress. Do what you can with your workspace to create a quiet, comfortable, and soothing space.