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10 Great Gift Ideas for People Who Work Remotely -Including You!

Dec 7, 2020

It is likely that you or someone you know works from home. In the spirit of the season, you may be feeling like spreading joy and adding some (much needed) comfort to add to their workspace.

Whether your friend or family member is the quirky colleague, techy teammate, or the peaceful professional seeking corporate calm, giving them (or yourself) some practical home office items is a great way to show them you care.

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1. Permanent Scratch Pad/Small Dry Erase Board

(Approx. $30)

During the day, it’s not uncommon to jot down little notes or reminders for yourself when working remotely. Why not do something eco-friendly and fun?

A small dry erase board or permanent sketch pad is a nice way to help your colleagues feel accomplished when crossing things off their to-do lists! (You can also add in some fancy markers to make it pop).

2. Lap Desk

(Approx. $30)

When you work from home, sometimes a scenery change is needed to give your brain a jump-start. A lap desk is a nice way to create a desk anywhere and add more portability throughout your workday!

3. Slippers for the Commute

(Approx. $40)



Commuting while working from home can put a lot of stress on those socks! A nice pair of slippers is a sweet way to add in extra comfort when working from home.

4. Decorative Door Sign

(Approx. $40)

We all know working from home is not without its distractions. Getting a door sign that states something like, “On the phone”, “Expert at work”, “Do not disturb” or “Only enter if someone or something is on fire” can be a fun, decorative way to inform others that you are currently indisposed.

5. Embellished Writing Pad

(Approx. $20)

Gifting someone or yourself an upscale writing pad for your special work projects is a great way to add some personality to otherwise mundane office supplies. Office supplies adorned with fun colors and motivational slogans to keep creative projects organized and can help add some excitement to an otherwise bland project.

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6. Earbuds or Headset for Video Calls

(Approx. $60)

A great set of earbuds or a new headset can make video and phone conferences more bearable. Many headsets now have noise-canceling components, making background noise almost non-existent.

Also, having high-quality earbuds/headphones helps others to hear you more clearly.

7. High-Quality Webcam

(Approx. $75)



Most computers and cell phones have face-to-face video capability. A nice splurge on yourself this holiday season may be a new web camera to ensure you look fabulous in your next work call! If you are feeling a little extra, grab the right light to add-on.

8. An Office Plant to Brighten up the Space

(Approx. $20)

Houseplants are a great way to spruce up any workspace. Not only are they a great aesthetic, but they can boost productivity, too. If you are someone with a green thumb, a new plant is a great way to make your home office a little greener.

9. A Novelty Mug

(Approx. $25)

Regardless of whether your colleague is a coffee or tea person, a new mug is a nice way to enjoy their beverage of choice. There are plenty of mugs with motivational quotes, memes and/or bold colors. Treat yourself or someone you know to a new one this December!

10. Subscribe to a Snack Break

(Price varies depending on items and frequency)



Treat yourself or someone you know to a monthly snack subscription. It’s a fun and delicious way to ensure you are fed and ready to rock your days during those afternoon lulls.

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The Gift of Gratitude

Everyone needs a treat this holiday season. Whether it’s for you or someone you know,  these 10 ideas are just a few ways you can treat the remote workers in your life to some simple office pleasures they can look forward to in the new year.