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10 Creative Ways to Reward Your Remote Employees That Won’t Break the Bank

Oct 6, 2020

Although it is widely understood that employee recognition is an important part of every work culture, according to Gallup’s analysis, only one in three workers in the U.S. strongly agree they receive adequate recognition/praise for a job well done.

This poll was conducted in 2016, and does not account for the rise of virtual jobs. When challenges of remote employee engagement, productivity, and the general feelings associated with being on “Isolation Island” are factored in, that already low statistic is at risk of dropping even lower.

With a growing number of teams adopting a telecommuting format, it can be challenging for leaders to find meaningful ways to engage their remote employees, reward productivity and demonstrate to their team members that they are valued. After all, employee perks like casual dress days, work from home incentives, and team lunches do not hold the same significance to a remote team as they do an in-office workforce.

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With the appeal of a remote work format growing stronger each day, finding new and creative ways to keep remote teams motivated is at the forefront of many leaders’ minds.

Below are 10 fun employee recognition ideas that won’t break your budget and will help your remote team members feel like their hard work is recognized and that they are valued members of your team:

  • Extra paid time off
  • Virtual Wall of Fame/Award
  • Send a virtual gift card
  • Home office products to make their home office feel more like an actual workspace
  • Company swag bag
  • Cash bonus
  • Make a charitable donation in the employee’s name
  • Send a flower/fruit/cookie arrangement as a surprise
  • Allow flex hours beyond their normal work shift
  • Send a hand-written thank you letter

The most valuable part of any business is its employees; having a workforce that feels appreciated and valued boosts morale, employee engagement, and employee retention. As workplace dynamics continue to evolve, so, too, will best practices for effective team leadership.

Keep in mind, not all employee rewards need to be monetary. And with a little creativity, you may find that expressing gratitude in little ways will have the biggest impact on employee morale.