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Slaying Your Side Hustle: 5 Tips to Help You Balance a 2nd Job

Sep 16, 2020

Before my job at Bridge, I was working as a server and being trained to bartend at a restaurant. I was able to get a 2nd job during the mornings with a small, owner-operated concrete company. For over a year, I poured concrete during the mornings and serve tables at night.

These were long days with a lot of physical activity, but I enjoyed seeing the finished product of my physical labor, and working in the restaurant gave me a social experience in addition to a much-needed source of income. When time permitted, I would also drive for different ride-share companies.

I decided to take on a second job because I wasn’t getting enough hours to be considered full-time, and I was struggling to pay the bills, buy groceries, and still have enough cash to build up my emergency savings and splurge from time-to-time; however, there are many reasons someone might be considering a second job.

Whether you are saving for some goal, looking for additional income, or trying to gain additional experience, juggling two jobs can be physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing, but it doesn’t have to be!

If you have been considering getting a second job, but you’re not sure where to start or how to manage your time, here are a few things I learned from my journey that may help you if/when you are looking for an additional source of income:

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1. Your Main Job Is Your Top Priority

Your primary source of income is your primary source of income. It is important any additional revenue streams you pick up accommodate the schedule of your main job.

You don’t want to lose that main source of income and then be scrambling to find a new job as a result of picking up a second. It helps if your main job has a consistent schedule where you can regularly know ahead of time when you are available to pick up some extra hours. If that’s not possible, be sure you communicate your availability in advance to both of your supervisors, so your shifts don’t overlap.

2. Know Your Limits

When you work multiple jobs, you are at high risk of burning out and it’s important to know your limits. Don’t take on too much so that your extra job(s) are affecting your performance at your main job.

You also have to make sure you take the time to eat, sleep, socialize, and have some fun. You shouldn’t be sacrificing your quality of life to make extra spending money.

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3. Get a 2nd Job in an Area That Interests You

Many of us will compromise on our professional passions if it means having a steady paycheck, and that’s fine; we all have bills to pay. However, if you are going to pick up another source of income, why not have it be in an area you are interested in or are thinking of moving into as your next step in your career? This can help you see if a career move is right for you and get a feel for the industry without putting your ability to pay the electric bill at risk.

4. Pay Attention

If your side job starts to make you more money than your main job, or if their employee benefits would increase your quality of life, it may be time to start thinking about making that secondary job your primary one.

5. Have a Goal

As mentioned before, a lot of people will pick up a second job for a purpose. Do you want to make a certain amount each week? Are you looking for additional or new experiences in a field that interests you? Saving up for a certain something? Having goals can help you stay focused and remind you why you picked up that extra job when there are long days.


Having a second job (or, as many like to call it, a side hustle) is more common than you think. Staying focused, knowing your personal limits, and working in a field that you’re passionate about are great ways to help make your second (or third) job something you look forward to while taking you one step closer to your ultimate career goals. Why not earn a little extra money in the process?