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How My Company Helped Me Feel Included When I Started Working From Home

May 5, 2020

I had been working for Bridge for just over three years when my family decided to move to another state. I thought that changing states would mean changing jobs as well, but I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to stay with the company and work remotely.

Pivoting to working 100% remote after going into the office every day for three years was definitely an adjustment; however, Bridge’s work culture was strong enough to follow me to my new “office.” Even across state lines, Bridge made it a point to make sure I still felt like part of the team and provided constant support (professionally and personally) and that the physical distance between myself and the rest of the team never caused me to feel isolated or excluded.

Here’s how they did it:

The Island

Moving across state lines meant I would no longer be able to see my co-workers daily –like I had been for the past three years. One of my biggest concerns was not feeling like I was part of the team anymore. This concern was quickly put to rest as the relationships I had built over the years did not change one bit.

When our offices had team lunches, my team would always place an order for me from a local restaurant, and we would have lunch via video call together. When it was a fun day in the office, we would play games like Bingo, so that I was able to fully take part in the fun.

[blockquotes color=”highlight” quote=”yes”]My company made it a point to show me through their actions company culture isn’t limited by physical distance[/blockquotes]

Constant Support

Personally, 2018 was a year of big changes; in addition to moving to a new state, my husband and I had just given birth to our first child. We were moving to a place where we didn’t know anyone and were adjusting to the world of parenthood on top of that. Looking back on that time, I needed all the support I could get.

I’m so fortunate that I work for a company that cares for me professionally but also on a personal level. Someone from work made it a point to call me once every few days, just to check-in. To this day, I still receive regular phone calls from colleagues touching base to see how life is treating me and my family. Whether it’s personally or professionally, I know I can count on my team for assistance or ideas.


When people ask me what I think the most important part of keeping a strong team dynamic with a remote worker (or workforce) is, my answer is always, “communication”. For me, the hardest part of adjusting to working from home full time was not being able to look up from my desk and ask my manager or co-worker a quick question; that lack of immediate response and instant gratification can make work challenging for anyone.

Talking on the phone or through video conference daily not only allows me to still feel a part of the team, but it also keeps me on task and keeps me in the loop on anything going on; that instant feedback allows me to be included in that “office experience”.

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Working in an office with the same people for three years and then doing a complete 180֯ to working alone on my “own little island”, could have been a huge culture shock had I not had such a strong and supportive team backing me up.

By having Bridge on my side during the transition (and to this day), I have always felt supported. The processes of support put in place have allowed me to continue to be successful in my role and makes me feel like my team values me as an employee and a person.

Two years later, I still feel like I am just as valued and just as able to contribute to the team like I did before 2018. That level of support and communication from Bridge in my professional and personal life lets me know Bridge wants me to succeed, and I am proud to work for a company whose supportive culture isn’t limited by distance.