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What Is RPO Staffing and Is It Right for My Business?

Apr 24, 2020

No two businesses are the same. Your team, business culture, capabilities and services, and the experience provided to your customers all work together to make your business and its brand unique. To be successful, your business needs a staffing program that fits into the existing synergy of your organization.

With so many staffing options available, it can leave leaders wondering if their current hiring program is the best fit for their business. Many businesses opt for an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) hiring solution because of the flexibility, comprehensive packaging, and ownership the hiring model provides.

Is an RPO staffing solution is right for your business? Let’s break it down:

[blockquotes color=”accent” quote=”yes”] Ensure the RPO partner you choose has a history of consistently delivering high-performing professionals [/blockquotes]

What Is RPO Staffing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a staffing solution wherein a business will partner with a staffing firm to manage all or part of their recruitment efforts.

Depending on the nature of the partnership, the function of the external provider ranges from being an extension of a company’s HR team to an on-site division that manages your company’s recruitment and onboarding process entirely.



Because of the scalability and flexibility of an RPO structure, many businesses find this model to beneficial, as it will grow with their company and adapt to any changes (anticipated or otherwise) in talent demand.


The execution of an RPO program’s talent sourcing operates similarly to using a staffing agency for individual hiring opportunities. However, unlike traditional direct hire and temp-to-hire recruitment programs, the RPO model allows an organization to retain ownership of the recruitment strategy and the database of talent sourced.


Additionally, having an external business that strictly specializes in recruitment can provide enhanced sourcing techniques and strategies that often lead to higher quality talent and further your brand reach. With RPO staffing models your business gains a recruitment expert who acts as an ambassador for your corporate brand.


Furthermore, RPO partnerships have more functionality than standard staffing programs. When working with an external recruiter, their services end after a candidate is submitted for consideration. However, with an RPO program, an RPO recruiter can conduct final interviews, and manage the hiring and onboarding process.

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Compared to other models of hiring, RPO staffing programs tend to be more efficient but also are a bit more costly. RPO staffing solutions are typically contract-based for a set amount of time, so if your business is anticipating a lower volume of additional labor, it may be more cost-effective to utilize a contingent or direct hire staffing model.


Because RPO recruiters act as an additional arm of your business, there is a level of exclusivity that goes along with this staffing structure. Because your RPO staffing partner is operating as an ambassador for your business and managing your recruiting efforts, they would be solely responsible for sourcing talent for your business/department; supplementing your RPO program with other recruitment strategies, would cannibalize your talent database, diminishing your return on investment.

For this reason, it is imperative to select a firm that understands your business and the type of talent that drives its success. Before selecting an RPO partner, ensure the staffing agency you choose has a track record of consistently delivering high-performing professionals.


RPO solutions provide a level of flexibility and autonomy that other hiring structures cannot, making them valuable recruiting resource for many businesses today. Bridge RPO staffing programs provide these benefits to businesses along with a rigorous vetting process that has set Bridge apart from other employment agencies for over 30 years.

Finding candidates who are a great fit for your team starts with finding a staffing solution that is a great fit for your business. In today’s world, the variety of staffing solutions available to businesses is virtually unlimited. Each staffing solution offers its own unique set of capabilities and recruitment techniques, and it is important to select the option that allows you to efficiently and effectively source top performers and bring them on to your team.