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Where First Impressions Are Actually Made

Feb 6, 2020

In today’s job market, looking for a new job as well as talent to fill your open positions is a full-time (and frustrating) job; fortunately, recruiters and staffing agencies are great resources that streamline the process and take some of those frustrations away for job seekers and employers alike.

Whichever side of the fence you fall on within the employment landscape, recruitment firms increase the likelihood a successful and valuable connection is made between a prospective employee and employer.

For job seekers, partnering with staffing agencies can serve as a one-stop-shop for finding their dream career. Clients also benefit from these partnerships because of the diversity of techniques used to find top-quality talent –resulting in a higher quality short-list, with a larger breadth of talent, in a shorter amount of time.

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When you put your staffing agency to work, it is critical to find a recruitment firm that understands your career goals/ business objectives. Staffing agencies serve as brand ambassadors for both applicant and employer alike. In many cases, the first conversation your recruiter has about a potential employment match is an opportunity to demonstrate to the other party why they should work for your business/hire you.

Having a staffing agency who understands the significance of first impressions within the staffing process is critical for successful staffing matches.

Job Seekers

Because staffing firms work with multiple businesses, recruiters are uniquely positioned to present you multiple job options simultaneously. Behind the scenes, they become your advocate –presenting your resume and professional brand to hiring managers. The initial interview to assess what you are looking for in a career is used to match you with the position that will be the best fit.

It is important to remember that recruiters are the “gatekeepers” to your dream job. Just because your initial interview isn’t with a prospective employer doesn’t mean it can be dismissed. The interview with your recruiter is very real and very much a part of the job interview process.

If, during this first in-person connection with a recruiter, they do not leave this encounter with the impression you are serious about this opportunity or your job search, how can they be expected to represent your professional brand well to their clients?

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The relationship between recruiting firm and employer is also essential in providing an authentic and accurate first impression. The better a recruiter understands your business objectives, company culture, and talent desired for an open position, the more successful they will be at delivering quality talent in their shortlists.

In turn, this open communication between staffing firm and employer combats against filling seats simply to fill seats, lowering attrition, and saving money through lower overhead costs.

In addition to acting as a brand ambassador for your business and its company culture, staffing agencies function simultaneously as a consultant to your business’ hiring strategy –offering different tactics like skills tests and specifically structured questions that drill down to find the perfect match.

Because staffing agencies function as a liaison for the client, it is also important that clients partner with a recruiting firm that can represent their company, position, and corporate brand in the best light possible. Factors like your recruiter’s organizational skills, how well they answer questions about the company/position, and professional conduct during applicant interviews all play a role in a candidate’s first impression of your business.

As a business, you should trust your recruiter will be a strong representation of you –just as your recruiter should trust that you will be a strong representation of them when candidates interview with your company.

If your business’ staffing agency isn’t willing to put in the time to understand your business and their needs, you will be losing top-quality talent to an unpolished process.

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First Impressions Apply to Recruiters Too!

In many ways, the staffing agency you choose can make or break the quality of your job/ talent search. As an agency, we represent both parties by providing highly skilled, professional and well-matched candidates based on our clients’ unique hiring requirements and overall workplace environments.

The caliber of candidates presented to our clients as well as the number of successfully converted applicants is a direct reflection upon our screening process –and it’s one we take pride in.

At Bridge, we have the same objective as you. We want to help secure successful and lucrative career opportunities that are beneficial for employees and employers alike. It is important to remember the value a staffing agency’s role has in successful staffing matching, so we can be a positive representation of you/ your business and help match you with the dream job/candidates you deserve.