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Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Hiring

Dec 12, 2019

Every organization has a unique strategy for finding and hiring new talent. Even though strategies vary from business to business, those that are adept at this process are, at their core, the same. The common thread connecting all successful hiring methods is the emphasis on facets of evaluation and salesmanship throughout this process.

Although the timelines, methodology and execution are unique to each business, these four components must be present within a successful hiring program:

1. Having a Realistic and Clear Picture of your Top Candidate

You can’t find an ideal candidate unless you know who and what you are looking for.

A clear picture of your top candidate should include education level, experience, character, initiative, personality and compensation. Regardless of whether recruiting is done internally or through a third-party, a clear picture of the “ideal candidate” must exist in order to effectively gauge applicants against your business’ needs.

Creating this candidate profile does not come without its challenges, however. A healthy top candidate profile will evolve along with your business, and expectations may change along with marketplace conditions.

2. Having a Compelling Story

During the hiring process, not only are you looking for a candidate worthy of your firm, you are also demonstrating to your top candidate why your company is where they need to be.

To do this effectively, you need to have a hook. Working in the professional world, we are always promoting our value propositions to our prospects and clients. And the value propositions delivered to our top candidates are just as important.

During the interview process, it is critical to demonstrate to your candidates your company is the best career choice for them. Additionally, you must be prepared to answer questions such as, “What does the company’s future look like?”, “What is my career path?”, and “Why is your company unique or better than other companies in the industry?”. Your responses should touch on the “why” and the excitement of joining your team.

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3. Having a Thorough and Tight Interviewing Process

Candidates need to feel like a priority throughout your hiring process.

Part of conveying to a candidate that their time and potential are valued is through the individuals at your company with whom they discuss the open position. Candidates should be interviewing with their prospective manager or supervisor, as well as HR and/or members of the leadership team.

The hiring process is the first impression candidates have of your business, and if they do not leave these interactions feeling valued or respected, what indication do they have to believe this sentiment would change after an offer has been made.

For this reason, direct communication with the candidate before and after the interview is critical; interviews should be prepared and thorough. Furthermore, the timeline of the applicant selection process needs to be as succinct as possible. Organizations must be committed to an interviewing, evaluation and decision process that is on par with –if not more expedient than –the current speed of the market.

4. Having a Structured Training Program

Hiring processes do not end after an offer has been extended.

Onboarding and training programs for new hires are the first impression a new employee has of your company’s internal processes; the strength of your training program and resources provided reflect on your expertise. Consequently, this stage is critical to new employee retention.

A successful hiring strategy will include orientation programs that prioritize the assets your new hire brings to the team. It will also reinforce to new team members that accepting your company’s job offer was, in fact, the right choice. The objective of this stage in the hiring process is to set up new employees for long-term success within your business.

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