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My In-Person Interview is Over. What Now?

Nov 26, 2019

You walk out of the office of your last interview and you are relieved, to say the least.

All your hard work paid off, and you’re done! Now it’s just a waiting game for the employer to get back to you.


What if there is something more you can do to increase your chances of hearing back? Such a thing exists!

Sending a thank you letter after your interview is a great way to recap the value you bring to a prospective employer and give the final sales pitch on yourself.

Still not convinced? Read our article making the case for the thank you letter.

[blockquotes color=”highlight”]Sending a thank you letter after your interview is a great way to recap the value you bring to a prospective employer and give the final sales pitch on yourself.[/blockquotes]

Thank you letters don’t need to be long; short and to the point is the best approach. You have already had the opportunity to speak with them firsthand. Think of this as your opportunity to bring everything full-circle.

Although thank you letters should be catered to your unique writing style, below is the basic framework a standard thank you letter should follow:

First Paragraph:

  • Thank the parties for their time and interest.
  • Reiterate your interest in the position, your thoughts on how the interview went and/or recap specific talking points from your interview.

Second Paragraph:

  • A couple sentences selling yourself and why you are the best fit for this role.

Third Paragraph:

  • A closing statement.
  • State that you are open to any additional conversations and look forward to the next steps.

Best Practices

Wait a few days

The perfect time to send a thank you letter depends on how fast the hiring process moves. Although sending a thank you letter immediately after you leave the interview isn’t necessarily incorrect etiquette, it may not have the same impact as waiting a few days.

Keep in mind you are not the only person interviewing for this job, so putting space between your follow up and your interview is a great way to remind employers about your interview specifically.
Sending a thank you letter around the time interviews are wrapping up is a simple and effective way to bring your name to the forefront when hiring managers are creating their shortlist of candidates to move invite to the next steps.

Be Confident

The best way to write a thank you letter is to speak like you already have the position. Try to avoid conditional phrases like, “I hope to” and “If I am selected”. Where possible an active, confident voice when writing your sentences. For example, instead of saying, “I hope to bring A, B and C to this position”, rephrasing to something like, “My skills of A, B and C will enhance XYZ Company’s operational processes”.

Less is More

Part of your thank you letter is showing you are appreciative of their time. Don’t undercut this sentiment by writing a novel.

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