Bridge Insights

Why You Should Bet on Yourself When Job Searching

Aug 5, 2022

According to LinkedIn Gender Insights Report, Women apply for 20% fewer jobs than men. Why may you ask? Qualifications. In many studies that have been done, we have seen that women do not apply for jobs unless they meet all the listed qualifications. Whether it be years of experience, level of education or specific skills-qualifications can be the one factor that will motivate or deter applicants to apply for a job posting.  

Here is why you should always bet on yourself:  

  • A job listing can sometimes be a list of wants versus needs-you don’t know the actual job until you learn more about it from the company or hiring manager 
  • You may have transferrable skills you may not even realize until you apply and speak to someone about the position 
  • You can build meaningful connections even if the role does not work out 
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will help you grow and become more confident in your abilities  
  • It is important for women to make their presence known in the workplace and show that women can be in industries and position levels.  

Instead focus on:  

  • Does this company align with what I am wanting and looking for next?  
  • Am I passionate about what this potential job is going to be doing?
  • Does this role and organization support my future growth plans?
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and building confidence!
  • You don’t know unless you try: while you may think you are wasting your time, you do not know unless you do it.
  • You may miss out on something amazing OR on the flip side avoid something that doesn’t align for you. Either way, you end up knowing the outcome!