Bridge Insights

The Month of “Mom”: Balancing a Career and Children

Aug 1, 2022

Being a full-time working mother can be challenging. Learning how to balance your time and attention between work and family is important and necessary. If you don’t, it can lead to feelings of guilt and stress. Here are 5 ways to ensure your career and family both thrive.

  1. Do Not Feel Guilty – Focus on the fact that you are benefiting your family by working rather than feeling guilty about not being with your child all the time. Your full-time job is important and ensures your children are receiving what they need to survive and allows them to have access to educational and extracurricular activities that will allow them to grow and develop. It also demonstrates a strong work ethic that your children will grow to appreciate and mimic as they get older.
  2. Focus on Your Task at Hand – Focusing on work when you are at work, and focusing on family when you are at home is important. There will be times when the two will intermix but prioritizing your time efficiently will allow you to be successful in both aspects of your life.
  3. Find Quality Childcare – If you are comfortable with your childcare, you will know your children are safe and taken care of while you are at work. This will allow you to have peace of mind and allow you the ability to focus while you are working. Do research, take tours, and have practice runs with your prospective childcare providers. Also, remember you have the freedom to change childcare providers as you see fit. If something isn’t working, then make a change and find a provider you are more comfortable with.
  4. Set a Routine and Stick to it – Prepare for the next day the night before. Lay out your children’s clothes, give them baths, and pack their lunches and backpacks to ensure a smooth morning. Get yourself ready for the day, then wake up the kids and start to get them ready for the day. This allows you some alone time to get yourself together and decreases the amount of chaos that can happen as you are hurrying out the door. Once you get home for the day keep the same after-work/school routine. Staying consistent with a routine will be beneficial for both you and your family.
  5. Make Time for Yourself – To be present at work and for your family, you need to take care of yourself. It is very easy to neglect yourself while you are focusing on a career and being a full-time mom too! The combination can quickly lead to burnout and unmanageable stress. Plan ahead to manage activities and meal prep so you can do something you like in your downtime. This will keep you refreshed and aid in keeping your sanity.

Parenting is a full-time job, yet many mothers also work a full-time position on top of managing their family responsibilities. Although it can sometimes feel impossible to effectively manage both, these 5 steps will help you create a balance that will allow you to flourish in both aspects of your life.