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8 Ways to Stay Positive in This Job Market

Apr 15, 2022

It can be easy to become discouraged while looking for a new job.  However, it is important to try to remain positive to successfully obtain a new role. First impressions can go a long way with a potential employer.  If you remain positive it will appear on your phone screens, during interviews, and during networking which will increase your chances of receiving a job offer. Here are 8 ways you can stay positive in this job market. 

1. Prepare Ahead of Time

Being prepared for your job search will make the process less daunting.  Make sure you update your resume and online profiles, prepare a basic cover letter, and gather your references. Once you have the basic outlines completed it will be easier to make small changes to your resume and cover letter and tailor them to each role you are applying for. This will cut down on the time spent on each application allowing you to have more time to focus on other things. 

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2. Set a Routine

Searching for a new role can become a fulltime job.  It is important to set and stick to a routine. Start and end your job search at designated times during the week. This will allow you to dedicate ample time to finding a new role but will also allow you the time needed to break away from the search too.  These small steps will keep you motivated and refreshed 

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3. Take Breaks from Job Searching

Being able to step away from the job search is important.  When you feel yourself becoming discouraged or unmotivated take a break. Go for a walk, catch up with your friends or family, go to the gym.  Excessively worrying about the job search will increases your stress and start to affect other aspects of your life. You need to take small breaks to keep your mind open and your attitude positive. 


4. Stay Confident

It can be easy to start doubting yourself if you receive a rejection email or do not hear back from a recruiter. Remember the qualities that you possess that make you a great job candidate. This will help you boost your confidence and encourage you to keep trying. 

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5. Network in Person

When you feel as if you have been submitting application after application online, take a break and network in person. Take time to catch up with old friends or attend networking events. You may find out about a new job opportunity that you did not know existed. The more people you network with the more people know that you are looking for a new opportunity.  These connections can increase your exposure to new employers and help you land your next job. 

6. Celebrate Small Wins

It can be easy to focus on things that didn’t work out during your job search.  Things like not getting a job you interviewed for can be discouraging.  Instead of dwelling on the negative you need to focus on the positive. You may not have gotten that job, but you got a chance to practice your interview skills. You can use this experience to enhance your next interview.  Be proud that you were selected to interview and use what you learned from that interview process to keep improving yourself. It is important to find the positives to focus on and not dwell on the negatives during your job search. 

7. Keep Your Options Open

When you are applying for a new role, it can become easy to become preoccupied waiting for a reply from the employer.  You need to keep your options open.  The more jobs you apply to the more chances you have of receiving an interview request, and the more interviews you have the more opportunities you have of receiving a job offer. You should keep track of each role you apply to but if one role doesn’t work out then move onto the next. This will increase your chances of securing a new role quickly.  

8. Let Go Of Things You Cannot Control

Control what you can and let go of things you cannot control. You can control how many jobs you apply to, how quickly you respond to an interview request, and how you answer interview questions.  You cannot control how quickly a recruiter will respond to you, how quickly you will hear back after an interview and if you will receive a job offer. Show up and do your best.  If you have done that then be proud of the effort you have put in and know you did everything you could.  Do not fixate on things that are out of your control. 

Searching for a new job can be time consuming and discouraging at times.  It is important to remain positive during your search, so you do not become consumed with the negatives. Use these 8 tips to help you remain positive and increase your chances of securing a new role.