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2022 Hiring Trends

Mar 15, 2022

Since 2021 has come to an end and 2022 began, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the job market.  With hiring leaders planning their hiring strategies and kicking off their recruiting strategies, it is important to consider these 5 trends in 2022. 

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1. Reduce time-to-hire

We are currently in a candidate-driven market.  Due to the labor shortage, there are more jobs available than the number of qualified candidates to fill those openings. When you are interviewing candidates for a vacant position, it is important to understand good candidates will not be in the job market for long. The longer you drag out the hiring process, the more likely you are to lose your ideal candidate to another role. Move quickly and accelerate your hiring process to keep your candidates engaged and do not make them jump through hoops with multiple interviews, technology assessments, and long waits for feedback. These obstacles are sure to turn away good candidates and have them seek employment elsewhere. 

2. Target Passive Candidates

Employers should expect to see a much smaller volume of applications in 2022. In a candidate-driven market, candidates can afford to be much more selective about the jobs they apply for.  Employers need to have a successful sourcing strategy to target passive candidates. This expands the talent pool and allows you to reach candidates you may have otherwise missed out on.  You will need to promote your job ads to a broader market, not just for those who are actively looking for a new role. 

3. Pay and Salary

In this market, employers need to be paying a competitive salary to attract the right talent. In fact, recruiters should include payment information in their job title or description to see higher application numbers. Candidates are receiving multiple messages per day from recruiters with job opportunities. You need to stand out and include competitive pay and salary information in the job description, which can help attract job seekers. In fact, companies should do research prior to posting the job to ensure they are being competitive in the market.

4. Focus on retention

Employee attrition is at an all-time high right now because employees have more opportunities available to them than ever before. Employers need to effectively retain top talent to stop the revolving door of hiring for the same roles over and over.  Retaining talent helps companies grow and flourish.  With so many companies competing for the same talent, employers will need to rethink their retention strategies which include focusing on employee benefits, company culture, and growth. 

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5. Don’t forget the benefits of building relationships

Candidates respond better to a real person versus a uniform robotic platform. The relationships you create with the candidates from day 1 can make all the difference in recruiting. Be genuine, truthful, and transparent. Candidates appreciate a Recruiter who is looking out for them and keeping them informed throughout each phase of the interview process. If the candidate feels comfortable with you, they are more likely to accept your job offer versus going to a different company.  

Hiring will continue to be an evolving process as we navigate the pandemic. It is important to have a hiring strategy that allows for flexibility and continues to adapt to the changes we come across in the labor market. Following these 5 trends in 2022 will help you compile a successful hiring plan which will allow you to attract qualified talent. 

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