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A Case for Non-Traditional Work Hours

Jul 24, 2020

Often, employees refuse to accept second shift positions, claiming the hours are inconvenient for a work-life balance. Here are 4 benefits of having a work shift outside of the 9-5 traditional work schedule.

[blockquotes color=”blue” logo=”yes”] Many professionals argue that working anything other than the first shift is inconvenient to their work/life balance. In reality, working off-hours can improve this balance.[/blockquotes]

Open Your Appointment Schedule

Many family-owned businesses (i.e. doctor’s offices, dentist’s officers, chiropractors, and specialty stores) close by 5 PM. Since first shift employees are rarely home during this time, errands are forced to wait until the weekend. Second shift employees have the ability to schedule their appointments in the morning and early afternoon, knocking out errands, appointments, and to-do lists before the workday even begins.

Avoid Rush Hour

Most automobile accidents take place during morning and afternoon rush hour. There are several factors that create a dangerous environment at this time, including aggressive, distracted, and drowsy driving. While working the second shift, you will avoid rush hour altogether. You will be driving toward the office when most people are driving home, ensuring a safer and less stressful commute.

Complete Your Errands With Ease

Another benefit to being out and about when first shift folks are working is being able to check off your to-do list more efficiently. Grocery stores aren’t as crowded, check-out lines aren’t as long, close parking spots are open, waiting rooms aren’t as full, and customer service agents are more available to help. You’ll get more done in less time–and you’ll probably be in a better mood in the end!

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Make More Money!

Some companies offer a second shift pay differential, meaning you get paid more for working off-peak hours. In addition, these positions could also save you money on childcare, especially if your partner works the first shift.