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Ask a Recruiter: 5 Things We Wish All Hiring Leaders Knew About Staffing Agencies

Dec 27, 2019

In the employment world, staffing agencies help businesses fill open positions by streamlining the time and resources needed to source and vet quality applicants. They then deliver this vetted shortlist of candidates to their clients.

Even though staffing agencies specialize in searching for talent, the relationship between employer and recruiting firm can determine how effective a firm is at matching the right candidates with a company’s open roles. Successful partnerships are built on communication, and this process is a two-way street.

Below are 5 things we wish all employers knew about strong staffing firm/employer relationships that consistently deliver top-quality candidates.

[blockquotes color=”highlight” quote=”yes”]Our goal for our clients is for them to never have to look at another unqualified applicant ever again.[/blockquotes]

1. A Partnership Is Our Top Priority

Our goal is to make talent acquisition more efficient and your business more effective. We aim to take the frustration out of searching and onboarding the talent needed to build a successful team.

2. Staffing Agencies Are Not Trying to Replace You HR Department

If you have an internal recruiting process, staffing agencies want to supplement and streamline these efforts –not take them over.

We go the extra mile to understand your business. When building out our shortlists, we thoroughly vet our candidates to ensure we are presenting our clients with the right candidates to fill their roles. This way, hiring managers and HR teams spend less time wading through unqualified applications.

At Bridge, we use our expert knowledge of our clients to match our candidates with their positions based on professional experiences and a workplaces’ cultural fit. Our goal for our clients is to never have to look at another unqualified applicant ever again.

3. Your Feedback Is Important

The staffing needs of a business are dynamic. One of the ways staffing agencies ensure they are keeping up with a clients’ ever-changing ideal candidate profiles is by receiving timely feedback on the resumes submitted and candidates interviewed.

This helps us understand the qualities employers are looking for in a new hire. If we do not receive timely feedback, we cannot be efficient in tweaking our candidate searches going forward. If timely and consistent feedback is not something you’re getting from your current partner, it may be time to start looking into alternative vendors.

4. If You like a Candidate, Move on Them Quickly

In a candidate-driven market, good candidates do not stay in the talent pool for very long. If you have found the right candidate, make them an offer. If you wait too long, the candidate will be gone, and you will have missed out on a valuable new addition to your team.

5. We Work Hard to Ensure Our Candidates Will Be Successful Once On-Site

Quality staffing firms will have a post-placement follow-up program in place to monitor the early days of employment. At Bridge, our goal is to place people in careers, not positions; we communicate with our candidates regularly to coach and facilitate their professional success.

We do this by keeping in regular contact with both applicant and employer alike.

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Bringing It All Together

Successful staffing agencies are invested in saving you time and money by ensuring you hire the right talent the first time around. Please keep these 5 things in mind when working to build a successful relationship with your staffing partner.