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7 Tips for Engaging and Retaining Talent

May 22, 2019

#1 – Go beyond the resume

Spend the time to know the candidate with an upfront assessment of skills, personality and cultural fit.

#2 – Really look at the working environment

Do an honest assessment of your workplace – is it attractive, comfortable, clean and safe?

#3 – Pay competitively

Is the total compensation competitive for the role?

[blockquotes quote=”yes”]It is better to pass on a candidate that we should have hired, than to hire a candidate we should have passed on[/blockquotes]

#4 – Set employees up for success

Do you have the right training, development, and onboarding support?

#5 – Be flexible

Promote work/life balance with flexible working locations and hours

#6 – Promote your brand

Is your brand known and liked in the market?

#7 – Measure performance consistently

Develop clear and consistent performance metrics to know what quality looks like.

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Properly balance these 7 factors to better find and retain high quality talent:

  • Go beyond the resume to really understand the candidate
  • Take a hard look at your working environment for attractiveness, safety and comfort
  • Pay competitively
  • Help make employees successful with onboarding and training support
  • Offer flexible hours and working locations
  • Promote your brand in the market – become an employer of choice
  • Measure performance consistently

And remember, Bridge is here to help!