Key Aspects in Evaluating Staffing Agencies

By: Trey Smith

To make the partnership between your organization and a staffing agency successful, the agency must take several important steps to ensure your success. If these steps are executed correctly, your agency will not be viewed as a vendor, but a strategic partner that will provide your organization with a competitive advantage in the employment marketplace. Whether you are selecting an agency or performing a continued evaluation of your agencies, here are three core business practices the agency should perform to ensure your success.

How much time has the agency spent on site?
Your agency should spend time on site getting to know you and your organization. When evaluating agencies, the more time they spend in learning your business and your environment, the more invested they are in your organization’s overall success. This will help them identify people that will not only be the most qualified for the role, but will also be the best fit for your culture and organization as a whole.

What does their follow up look like?
Whether you just had your first meeting with the agency or you have been working with them for years, you should not be the one initiating all the communications. Agencies are performing a very important service for you and should follow up regularly to keep you informed about their recruiting efforts, candidate resumes they will be submitting for review, potential candidate interviews, or to ask questions to refine their own search tactics. You are responsible for getting open positions filled, therefore you need to be informed every step of the way.

After a candidate has been hired, does the agency follow-up with the employee?
Spending time to follow up with their employees might not seem that important, but we have found that it has a tremendous impact in reducing turnover the organization may see in temporary or contingent positions. People sometimes forget that it is difficult starting a new job and being the “new guy”. Bridge believes that it is imperative to provide a support system for employees to voice concerns, provide feedback on their training and overall satisfaction with your company, as well as get valuable feedback on their performance. Keeping employees on track should be a major priority of the agency to help ensure long term success in placements.

When your agency follows these strategic business practices, you will know they are operating with your organization’s best interests in mind and building long term success into the hiring process.