Employment Development Centers

By: Whitney Heinrichs

In today’s job search, it is important to maintain your professional skills and gain new ones. There is a lot of competition when it comes to the number of applicants for a position which means you need to do anything you can to set yourself apart from them. There are a number of organizations whose sole purpose is to assist individuals in their continued development and job searching tools.


Career Resource Center

Career Resource Center is the proven confidence-building, employment resource featuring individualized attention and coaching by industry professionals. We at CRC know first hand, how difficult, challenging, and frustrating it is to secure new employment. Our strength is in energizing and empowering job seekers and helping candidates navigate the process with relevant, proven job search strategies.



Willow Creek Care Center

Employment services are available to anyone who is unemployed or seeking a job that better aligns with their abilities and goals. Services include one-on-one consultation and workshops addressing topics such as job search, résumé writing, networking, and preparing for an interview. Job fairs with local employers are held throughout the year.



Fleet and Family Service Center

Fleet and Family Service center is a support center for Navy members and their family. Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP): provides consultation to assist military spouses and family members in achieving their short and long term career goals. Job search skills, providing information on employment and education opportunities, teaching how to develop job search skills, making connections with employers, professionals and support networks. Transition Goals-Plan-Succeed (TGPS): Required Transition GPS workshop prepares retiring or separating service members for their next assignment in the civilian workforce with information on options, benefits, career direction, job search techniques, resume writing, interviewing and dressing for success.



St Hubert’s Job & Networking Ministry

The St. Hubert Job & Networking Ministry is a fellowship of men and women with a common desire to become employed or seek career advancement through a Christian forum. There are no dues or fees for membership. We are self-supporting through our own contributions. St. Hubert Job & Networking Ministry is dedicated to providing the following services to all those in need:



Illinois workNet

To expand economic opportunity, the Illinois workNet Portal and Program utilizes partnerships and technology to expand seamless and real-time access to workforce development resources aimed at individuals, businesses, and workforce professionals. Innovative partnerships span state economic development, workforce development, education agencies, and local workforce investment boards along with their public and private partners, including local governments, community colleges, and non-profit organizations. Through partnerships that leverage technology, it realizes a common vision to plan for the economic futures of communities and provide a seamless array of services.



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