Contingent Staffing Solutions

Contingent Staffing Solutions allows you the flexibility to reduce your employee overhead cost to provide you with a fresh pipeline of talent and offers you the ability to make changes on short notice. Whether you manage large volume workforces or seasonal hiring initiatives, Bridge has a custom solution for you.

The Contingent staffing strategy works because all parties involved benefit. You benefit because the limited HR budget can be shifted to training and higher level recruiting functions. You also benefit from realizing a tremendous increase in your hiring success rate, as well as flexibility in the decision process. Bridge is able to actively promote your organization in the marketplace as a great career path for top performers.  Bridge works with contingent staffing models of 1 to 2 employees or regularly scheduled classes of 10 or more. In addition, Bridge provides Temp to Hire services for specified time frame staffing models.  Regardless of your needs, Bridge will always offer you personalized staffing solutions and will make our recommendations with your best interests in mind.

Success Stories
Some of our most valued relationships have been built on the success of utilizing the contingent staffing model as a hiring strategy. This strategy places the responsibility of recruiting specific talent with Bridge. The Client utilizes the contingent workers on an indefinite basis to perform core functions and responsibilities. The Client evaluates the contingent worker’s performance, attitude and dependability over a Client determined period of time. The top performers earn a core staff position and convert to the Client’s full time workforce.  A new class is scheduled and the process repeats itself, constantly raising the bar, while bringing new talent to your organization.

Your bridge to staffing solutions

At Bridge, we work together with you, to realize the benefits of a true partnership. We focus on providing real solutions for your staffing challenges.