Contingent Career Opportunities

What is a Contingent Career Opportunity?

Contingent Career Opportunities are positions that allow individuals to get their foot in the door with an outstanding company. This is a wonderful opportunity for candidates to hone their professional abilities, and to gain new transferable skills. Assignments are long term in nature, with the possibility of turning into a permanent role, contingent upon the individual’s performance and attitude.

Why Pursue a Contingent Career Opportunity?

Numerous organizations who offer outstanding career opportunities and advancement, utilize contingent staffing for a variety of positions. Their hiring strategy is to identify and potentially hire their future core staff, by utilizing a contingent workforce from outsourced staffing agencies.

Benefits to Contingent Career Opportunities

  1. Considering these contingent career opportunities, drastically broadens your employment options.
  2. There are many great companies that utilize this strategy to bring new people into their organizations. If all you want is a chance to prove yourself – this is your shot!
  3. This allows you to evaluate the company, the position and the management team before making any long term commitments. This method allows you to make very informed decisions regarding your career path.
  4. You have the guidance and support of the Bridge Team, as well as the client supervisors, to help you be successful in your role.

The most important aspect to consider in your employment search is the quality of the Organization and Career Opportunity, because in the end, all worth while positions are contingent upon performance.