Bridge was by my side through out the entire process!

Bridge Personnel reached out to me after coming across my resume. After a friendly call about an available position, they brought me in for an interview at one of their offices. The interview did not make me feel nervous; I was very comfortable speaking with their recruiter.

The next day, I had a phone interview with the recruiter’s boss. This was my first phone interview and I was a little bit nervous, but they conducted a professional interview. After the phone interview ended, I was called by the recruiter who told me I performed well over the phone. After doing an online software proficiency test, my resume was submitted for the position to the company.

Before my scheduled interview with the company, Bridge Personnel contacted me, looking to prepare me for the interview. We did a 3-way phone call, which helped prepare me for the interview. They were very helpful, giving tips on how to respond to question likely to asked during the interview.

They stayed with me for the entire process. With Bridge Personnel’s help, I was offered the job. These guys are awesome!



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